by Philipp Bergsmann

This is a proof of concept of in-memory caching with TYPO3, nginx and memcached.


I read about the nginx memcached-module and thought about how to imlement that with TYPO3. The biggest advantage would be, that you don’t need any php interpreter and no disk-access to serve cached pages. Actually nearly all things to achieve that are in the TYPO3 core by now, the only needed to be adapted a bit and sticket together.

I’m using these parts:

  • The default memcached-caching-backend - with some method-overrides fo the identifiers
  • The insertPageIncache-hook

Installing the extension

If you have memcached installed on the same machine which is running the TYPO3-site you only have to install the extension which is available on github and in the TYPO3 extension repository. If your memcached-server is on another server or ip you will have to adapt the default configuration.


I did some benchmarks on a local vagrant-machine with these results:

  • Grey bar: wit default memcache
  • Blue bar: with memcache access via nginx

with in-memory cache:

10 seconds, 10 concurrent users: 592 transactions/second, shortest transaction: 0.00s 10 seconds, 100 concurrent users: 718 transactions/second, shortest transaction: 0.02s

with default page-memcached-caching:

10 seconds, 10 concurrent users: 12.29 transactions/second, shortest transaction: 0.42s 10 seconds, 100 concurrent users: 12.23 transactions/second, shortest transaction: 0.43s

That’s an improvement of roughly 5000%

About the author
Philipp Bergsmann

I'm Philipp Bergsmann, I co-founded opendo in 2010. I work as a TYPO3 developer and IT operations engineer.

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